Welcome to International Pagan Radio! We present music, news, and shows from a Spiritual and Pagan point of view. This project seeks to bring together personalities, music, and events from a cross-traditional and pan spiritual point of view.

This project will continue to grow and provide a wider variety of programming. We plan to present a wide variety of music for a large array of international artists. We are seeking to present news and events that occur around the world that may have a relevance or impact on our community. We are expanding to include scheduled programming from multiple personalities who are involved in the spiritual and pagan cultures.


Currently we are presenting music from the following artists

  1. S.J. Tucker

  2. Tuatha Dea

  3. Avalon Rising

  4. Lady Isadora

  5. Damh the Bard

  6. Wendy Rule

  7. Robin Kirby

  8. Spiral Dance

  9. Mama Gina

  10. Darwin Prophet

  11. Gaia Consort

  12. Bone Poets Orchestra

  13. Christopher Bingham

If you are an artist that would like to have your music presented, please contact the station. All artists have released IPR from royalty requirements in exchange for exposure on our station.


We are always interested in exciting and engaging shows. If you would like to discuss beign a host on our station please contact the station for proposal requirements.


Join us each Monday for Apu Adman Aghama presenting a show entitled "Peace Prayer Journey."

Stay tuned to IPR for more exciting developments!


Coming Soon!!!

Begining on March 24th, IPR is honored to present a brand new show, "Back Seat Muse." This show will be aired weekly at 6 pm Eastern Time (please adjust for your local time)


The station management team:

Station Owner: Kastrata Al'mohnd Ma'eve

Station Manager: Rev. Onyx HP

Media Manager: William Brigley


all e-mail contact with the station should be directed to Rev. Onyx HP at:

IPR Manager